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Owner’s manuals rarely cover the most important part of owning a treadmill and that would be maintenance. Proper lubrication and cleaning should be performed at a minimum of every six months. Not doing this could and probably will cause lower control board problems over time that could result in a $400 repair bill; however, control board problems don't end with just not servicing the treadmill. I will go over everything you need to know while I am with you to make sure your treadmill stays up and running so you are too.

You can do it yourself; however, you might consider an annual maintenance program where I will come to your location and provide a preventive maintenance service on your treadmill for less than the cost of the proper kit once every six months or annually depending on how often and how hard you work your treadmill. Plus I will check everything, helping to prevent expensive repairs. My service call for new customers is only $60 to show up to confirm diagnostics; then if the treadmill can be serviced on the first visit without ordering or repairing parts... my standard service fee is only $65 more for a total $125 ($60 for diagnostic and $65 for the actual work.

If you want it done right... you will want to call me, because I am the professional tech who has also trained hundreds of other technicians all around the country. I have been a trainer for three different national companies and the first company sent me to manufacturers that had a certification program for training on their treadmills. After being certified, I passed that knowledge on to every other technician I trained.


A lot of people don't know this about treadmill branding... iFIT (formerly Icon fitness) owns more than one brand. For example: Proform, Nordic Tract and Health Rider are just a few owned by iFIT that are very similar in quality. The entire list of their brands:

FreeMotion Fitness, Gold's Gym, HealthRider, iFit, Image, NordicTrack, ProForm, Weslo, and Weider


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