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With my awesome offer of only $65 for a standard “PREVENTIVE” service*, consider that you get your treadmill worked on by a professional at a more than reasonable rate; because, I have all those products you don’t have to buy at almost $30.00. So, if you want a professional that will give your treadmill a complete and professional inspection and service… you can look at it as if you are only paying $35 for my service.

* The  $65 standard “PREVENTIVE” service is for previous/existing customers ONLY; and ONLY if there are “NO” repairs required and where no parts need to be ordered. 

My standard repair pricing for Icon fitness products only. Icon brands are:

I do work on other brands: however, pricing will vary from the following: 

If you want to do it yourself…

Here are some products I recommend:

Care kit for taking care of your treadmill yourself…

Owner’s manuals do not cover this very important part of taking care of your treadmill. Proper lubrication and cleaning should be performed at a minimum of every six months. Not doing this could and probably will cause lower control board problems over time that could result in a $400 repair bill.

You can do it yourself, but I have an annual maintenance program where I will come to your location and provide a preventive maintenance service on your treadmill for less than the cost of the proper kit. Plus I will check everything helping to prevent expensive repairs.

Click on the image below to order:


Treadmills that last and are easily maintained…

All the treadmills from the links below will last for years if they are properly maintained.

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