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personal-technicianMy his in the installation, assembly & repair industry for ready-to-assemble products all started by accident.

Like many good things, most people don’t know when they have something handed to them, that it could be life changing; and when they do, seldom do anything with it. I have always loved building and fixing things.

Since I had this in my blood, the assembly industry was an awesome fit, that allowed me to help people while actually having fun. Not too many people are blessed with that kind of career.

I also have a background in the sign industry as a draftsman and research manager of building codes, to determine permissibility for a business’ signage (pole signs with wind shears typical to basketball goals); along with providing a little engineering support for the installation departments.

Along that journey of working at a few commercial sign shops, I owned a vinyl sign shop, where I made banners, real estate signs, and did some vehicle lettering.

One day, like most other days, things were not all that busy, I received a phone call from a coworker, asking me how things were going at the shop. I said, “Not so good”… and he replied, “Good”! Perplexed by his response, I remember asking… “What does that mean”? He went on to tell me there was some assembly work where he needed a helper. So long story short, the next day, I closed the shop and went to do some assembly work.

At the end of the day after assembling some office furniture, I asked if he was hiring. He replied no, but the company I contract with is.

It took less than a week and I was on board with the National Assembly Company (NAC) and cranking out the assemblies. I saw the potential in the assembly industry and started my own small furniture assembly service in Central Ohio.

After a local furniture ready-to-assemble superstore decided they would pass out my assembly business cards, I set up a website called Assemble-4-You, to help enhance my business cards and other printed advertising.

Around this same time, another national assembly company was looking for a tech in the central Ohio area. When they found my website, I received a phone call from them, asking me if I would be interested in contracting with them.

Gracefully, I turned them down as a tech; that same national assembly company came back with another offer a couple weeks later to buy my website and hired me as a regional manager.

The difference between this company and my small local assembly service was, they would assemble, install and repair anything and they had hundreds of technicians that I would be responsible for.

Even though I was a natural at everything they offered, it opened my eyes as to how big this assembly industry really was.

That company eventually failed, along with two more of the NAC’s I had worked for as a managing employee.

So another long story short… I became an expert in this industry of all of the products we serviced as a technician and a corporate training manager.

I took my training position very serious and bought a video camera to record training sessions so aspiring technicians I recruited from around the country could get up to par quickly.

Today, I have experience on both sides of the proverbial fence as a corporate manager and a lifelong technician. You see, I always have been and always will be a technician first.

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