Treadmills Fixed Right

I will keep your treadmill up and running so you are too


personal-technicianMy career in the installation, assembly & repair industry for ready-to-assemble products all started with my love of tinkering as a boy. I took things apart and put them back together… sometimes better and my mom was very thankful for that.

Like many good things, most people don’t know when they have a door open, that it could be life changing and they seldom do anything with it. I have always loved building and fixing things and this opportunity fit me like the proverbial glove.

Since I had this in my blood, the assembly industry was an awesome fit, that allowed me to help people while actually having what I considered fun. Not too many people are blessed with that kind of career.

In the past, I have put together ready-to-assembly furniture, built gyms, play-sets, installed closets and many other products requiring this type of service. I have been a business developer, trainer and regional manager over another level of management and had over 150 technicians working for me.

Today, all I do is service treadmills. You see, I am retired and just want something to do that I love doing most… helping people by fixing things and offering the best price so they keep more money in their own pockets.

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