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Owner’s manuals rarely cover the most important part of owning a treadmill. Proper lubrication and cleaning should be performed at a minimum of every six months. Not doing this could and probably will cause lower control board problems over time that could result in a $400 repair bill. But control board problems don’t end with not servicing the treadmill. I will go over everything you need to know to make sure your treadmill stays up and running so you are too.

You can do it yourself, but I have an annual maintenance program where I will come to your location and provide a preventive maintenance service on your treadmill for less than the cost of the proper kit. Plus I will check everything helping to prevent expensive repairs. My service call is only $55 to show up and confirm a diagnostic, then if the treadmill can be serviced on the first visit without ordering or repairing parts… my standard service fee is only $60 more for a total $115. Shop for another service provider that will offer those very reasonable prices, I am sure you will find they don’t. Beware, I trained one other person in my anticipation of retirement that could continue my vision of great customer service that could be provided here in central Ohio. He has adopted his own goal of charging you as much as he possibly can. I have had customers that used him first and paid him where he refused to return to fix something he didn’t do right the first time.

If you want it done right… you will want to call me, because I am the original professional tech that has trained hundreds of other technicians all around the country.  I have been a trainer for three different national companies and the first one sent me to manufacturers that had a certification program. After being certified, I passed that knowledge on to every other technician I trained.

Here is an easy to read book I wrote to help them learn the basics (even a chapter on treadmill repair) to get started in a career that even to this day is untapped:

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Here are some products I recommend:

Care kit for taking care of your treadmill yourself…

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Treadmills that last and are easily maintained…

All the treadmills from the links below will last for years if they are properly maintained.

Nordic Track


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