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I keep your treadmill running so you are too.


My main focus for you is to keep your treadmill running.

If you are ready for service, simply complete the form on my contact page.

The owner’s manuals from almost every manufacturer rarely place enough emphasis on the importance for the safety and maintenance of your treadmill.

Most expensive repairs I have gone out on over the years is a treadmill that has had no maintenance performed. A treadmill is a machine that has parts that require lubrication and cleaning to make sure it lasts.

My services always include teaching my customers how to service their own treadmill and other important safety factors you should know.

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videodiagnosticsComing Soon: 

Treadmill Belt Slipping

Learn how to fix a slipping belt and save $110.

The instructional video series will show you how to diagnose and fix a slipping belt. The key is knowing what to look for so you make a sound decision for the correct adjustment needed.



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