Treadmills Fixed Right

I keep your treadmill running so you are too.


My main focus for you is to keep your treadmill running.

personal-technicianThe owner’s manuals from almost every manufacturer rarely place enough emphasis on the importance for the safety and maintenance of your treadmill.

Most expensive repairs I go out to service over the years are from a treadmill that has had no maintenance performed. A treadmill is a machine that has moving parts requiring lubrication and or cleaning to make sure it lasts. Service should be performed on a regular basis and I, unlike other technicians, I will teach you how to do it… it’s not hard. My services always include teaching my customers how to service their own treadmill (if they want too) and other important safety factors you should know.


What you need to know about me: 

  • Prompt
  • Friendly
  • Priced fairly
  • and… the most knowledgeable technician in central Ohio.
  • But more important… I will not service your treadmill just to get your money. 

Additionally, I am retired; but I like staying busy. There have been other things I have done, but I am only focusing on treadmill repairs for as long as I can provide the service. If you meet me, you will see why that will be for a very long time into the future, since I run on treadmills everyday… yours and mine.

To your health and treadmills health,


If you are ready for service, simply give me a call at:

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