Mike Mehrle is the founder of the UAN (United Assemblers Network) and has been an assembly technician or in an engineering support position for over 40 years.

Mike has trained hundreds of technicians over the last eight years as a corporate manager.

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  BONUS CHAPTER - Treadmill Repair 
learn how to fix your own treadmill and save hundreds of dollars!


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Beyond the Instructions

The ultimate primer for doing it right when it comes time for assembly, installation and repair of RTA (ready to assemble) products
Authored by Mike Mehrle 
Edition: 1

Beyond the Instructions is an ultimate primer to learn how to do it right, when it comes time for assembly, installation and repair of RTA (Ready to Assemble) products. 

This book has been written by Mike Mehrle who is a 40 year experienced technician with field and corporate experience in the ready to assemble industry. 

Everyone should be able to assemble, install and repair their own products like a professional after learning the tips, tricks and professional techniques from this book. 

It will help with products like basketball goals, fitness equipment, play or swing sets, furniture and much more.

Hi everyone my name is Mike Mehrle and I have been a technician in almost every industry that I worked in for the last 40 years plus. I have been an assembler in manufacturing processes, and engineering technician on injection molding machines and a technician in the very niche and unknown industry for assembly, installation and repair.

The book "Beyond The Instructions" was written to help anyone who wants to learn how to put things together right... the first time.

The industry that I am in is not very well known like a carpenter, electrician, plumber, mechanic and many other trades that you may consider requires a skill... the assembly installation and repair industry may not be very well known but it definitely requires some skills to do it right.

You wouldn't hire an electrician to fix a leaky faucet, just like you shouldn't hire a common handyman to assemble products that require a certain skill set.

Along with my being a technician for 40 plus years, I have also been a corporate manager in my industry wearing many different hats from business development, recruiting, managing hundreds of contractors and of course training even more professional technicians over the last eight years than anyone else in this industry.

That same informational foundation that I laid for all of the technicians that I have trained over the years... is right here in “Beyond the Instructions”. I have compiled all of the information from technical notes that I had written and sent out to all of those technicians in the form of a newsletter; and from all those years of writing... I have developed this primer so that anyone who wants to save some money and assemble their own products right the first time... can do so, with just a little guidance through reading this book.

Just to give you an idea of the content within this book some of the chapters written in it include but not limited to: why assembly is required - who can do it - and probably one of the most important chapters in the book... getting started.

There are a couple of bonus chapters in their covering how to move ready to assemble products without the manufacturer’s instructions; and, treadmill repair with basic diagnostic and fixes.

I also cover some of the most common products requiring assembly and the information needed before you really even get started, like basketball goals, play-sets, fitness equipment and furniture. If you can assemble any of those items especially the fitness equipment, there is nothing in a box that requires assembly that will intimidate you.

In fact after reading this book and it you are an individual with a mechanical aptitude, maybe you are a common handyman that sees the potential in getting into a very niche and somewhat lucrative business if you take the right steps to learn the industry and promote your business.

There is a chapter or on hardware with photographs and names and descriptions of common nuts bolts screws and washers that are used in ready to assemble products.

After reading this book if you decide that you really don't want to assemble your own products, that's okay, this book also has a chapter on hiring a professional. What that means is after reading this book if somebody says that they are a professional; you should truly know whether they are or are not.

So, whether you are into the DIY thing or looking for a business opportunity, you will learn enough by reading this book to look forward to every single assembly project with the confidence that you know you will build it right the first time.

You can buy the book directly through Amazon, through my website and it should be available through book stores and libraries everywhere.

My name is Mike Mehrle, I am a professional technician and “Beyond the Instructions” will properly prime you to do it right... you've got my word on that...

Can you "correctly" name the hardware below?

The book will name all the hardware below and give you a description. Then as time permits I will be producing videos on the how and why  a piece of hardware in used in a particular area. You will find those videos with many how to assemble and install things on my YouTube channel: That Savvy Tech.


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