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Learn how to fix your own treadmill like a pro. Click here and start the learning process today! This is where you go to find the pros that know how to fix your treadmill right the first time!

Treadmill Repair - Treadmill Maintenance
Treadmill Safety - Treadmill Training


Now you no longer have to ask, "who can fix my treadmill"? You can learn here or we can help in all these areas for your treadmill.

Learn how-to or find a pro that can help you with:

  • Treadmill diagnostics
  • Treadmill repair
  • Treadmill maintenance
  • Treadmill belt replacement
  • Treadmill lower control board replacement
  • Treadmill console replacement
  • Treadmill Safety

Common web searches for treadmill problems:

  • Belt problems
  • Treadmill belt is jerking
  • Belt slipping
  • Treadmill belt needs adjusted
  • Slipping treadmill belt
  • No power to treadmill
  • Treadmill motor noise
  • Motor stopped suddenly
  • Control buttons on treadmill will not always respond
  • Treadmill keeps blowing fuse
  • Getting an error code
"IMPORTANT" When buying used equipment from places like Craig's List; the best advice is "don't buy it"... unless it has been inspected by someone who knows if it worth what you are about to pay. Sometimes what seems like a great deal can end up costing you more than if you would have just bought a new treadmill in the first place.

There is every excuse as to why someone has sold their machine to an unsuspecting buyer; truth is, most times it is being sold because it is BROKE!  The person who is selling it, has most likely already looked into getting it fixed and found it is better if someone bought theirs to subsidized their "new" purchase.

Also... never pay any more than 35% of the machines original value up to 3 years old (there are exceptions). Do a little research on-line to find out what the treadmill is worth. If the treadmill is over 3 years old don't pay more than 20% of the machines original value.

It may be worth the diagnostic fee to see if any used  treadmill is worth buying.

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