You just found someone who provides service on treadmills with the lost art of actually caring for the customer.

Hi, my name is Mike Mehrle, and I have been providing treadmill service for close to 20 years. I do not have this website set up to make it look like it is a large company. When you call... you get me, and the technician that comes to you is, If you would like to read the story of how I actually got started, check out my About page on this website.

I didn't set this website with flashy or silver tongued content to sell you on my service; my website is to make sure the consumer gets the information needed to help them make the best decision for taking care of their treadmill. So this website has down to Earth content with you in mind, and hopefully I have set it up for easy navigation.

I don't sell treadmills, but I do have affiliate links to the treadmills I recommend on my Products page. On that page you will find maintenance tips, instructions and a list of things needed to do it yourself.



After I provide your first standard service at $125 (plus parts if needed)... returning customers get a $25 discount on all the below listed fees for service or repairs.



I work on treadmills only.