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If you buy off of Craig's List, be expecting the strong possibility of that treadmill needing service. I receive calls all the time from customers who bought a used treadmill that requires service. If you are set on buying used, take this advice and use it... it could save you hundreds of dollars.

  1. Find out how old the treadmill is. Don't take the sellers word for it! Look for a serial/model number tag that will have manufactured date. Here are some typical locations:
  2. Run on the treadmill for at least five minutes.
  3. Feel under the walking belt to see if it has ever been lubed. Place the palm of your hand on the deck and rub back and forth, when you pull your hand out, it should look like you have a very sparse "clear" liquid on it.
  4. Check for fraying on the sides of the walking belt.
  5. Listen for noises that may not seem right to you.
  6. Don't pay more that 25% of the original value (there will be exceptions).

If you don't feel comfortable checking the treadmill out yourself... ask the buyer if they mind if you have an expert look at it. If they say no... THAT should be a red flag!!!